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David Hutchings is an Arizona private investigator with 22 years of law enforcement experience, including time spent as a detective, SWAT team member, patrol officer, narcotics detective, hostage negotiator and DEA task force agent. David leads the team at TBL Investigator and he has the experience you need to help with your private investigation.

Some of the most popular services we provide include child custody investigations, gathering evidence for a trial, missing person investigations and surveillance investigations. However, we are able to perform many other investigative services as well, contact us so we can talk with you about your needs and let you know what we can do to help.

The scope of each investigation depends on the details of the case and the information needed. For example, investigations may focus on digital research, such as uncovering financial assets or finding personal records. This has become increasingly necessary as many of today’s cases involve computer crimes and identity fraud. We can uncover and repair the weak spots in your network to keep you and your information save. Other investigations may require physical surveillance, such as when trying to detect infidelity or tracking down a witness for a case. No matter which method of investigation we need to employ, you can trust us to gather evidence and proof to make your case stick.

When you need an Arizona private investigator, it’s time to call TBL Investigator. David and his team work with private citizens, as well as law enforcement officials, lawyers and corporations. We are able to adjust our investigation techniques and the direction we take to each and every case and can even change directions mid-case if your case calls for it. We are thorough, knowledgeable, flexible Each investigation is conducted in full accordance with the law, and David’s extensive law enforcement experience gives him insights to help him and his team uncover the information you need.

Your case is too important to leave to chance. Call the professional experts who get results at TBL Investigator. You will work with an Arizona private investigator who is experienced, skilled and friendly, helping you find a resolution to your case and give you peace of mind.

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