About Dave Hutchings

It is easy to claim to be a professional in what you do and ask people to hire you and put their trust in you. David Hutchings at TBL Investogator is proud to be able to back his expertise with an exceptional work experience in law enforcement. Some of his qualifications include:

Detective: As a detective he took over initial cases in the patrol division and responded to calls such as murders, rapes, child molestation, assaults, bank robberies, arson, auto theft, cargo theft, child abduction, mail fraud, and all types of theft from identity theft and embezzlement to burglaries and theft of property. Conducted short term and long complex criminal and civil investigations which led to hundreds of felony arrests, successful prosecutions, seizures, asset forfeitures and victim restitution. I have testified in upwards of 100 court cases, assisted the Attorney General in the prosecution, have prepped witnesses and victims and protected high risk witness/victims.

SWAT Team member: David executed high risk search warrants involving dangerous wanted criminals, narcotics and barricaded individuals while using specialized tactics such as stun grenades, explosives, armored vehicles, night vision optics and submachine guns, shot guns and assault rifles.
Patrol: In patrol he interviewed witnesses and victims of every variety of crimes, secured crime scenes and evidence for detectives, quelled high risk and crisis situations, and investigated accidents and hit and runs.
Narcotics Detective: During his narcotics service he conducted electronic, stationary, and moving surveillance including the use of motor vehicles and airplanes, prepared and executed hundreds of search warrants, worked in undercover capacities purchasing narcotics and murder for hire schemes, prostitution, organized gangs, fencing of stolen goods person to person, by computer and via pawn shops.

Hostage Negotiator: As hostage negotiator David Hutchings responded to incidents of barricaded subjects, hostage situations, workplace violence, stalkers, and suicidal subjects. Negotiated for short and long term durations with violent, desperate and mentally ill people who were threatening violent behavior on others and suicide to a peaceful and successful end.
DEA Task Force Agent: In the DEA task force he conducted long term surveillance investigations on a Federal level spanning neighborhoods, states, across country and internationally. Conducted wire-tap investigations, surveillance on land and air, seized major quantities of narcotic, assets including homes, yachts, vehicles and millions of dollars.
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