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Carefree Private Investigation Services
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Carefree, Arizona

Carefree, Arizona is the brainchild of K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington who had purchased the land with the intention of turning it into a master-planned community. First land sales took place in the mid 1950’s and soon home building began and Carefree started to grow into the upscale residential community we know today. The probably most famous landmark of Carefree is the sundial which was conceptualized by John I. Yellot and Joe Wong in 1959. The sundial is said to be the third largest in the Western hemisphere and aims towards the North Star. Today Carefree is still known as a well-to-do area boasting a multitude of resorts, golf courses, and restaurants and its current population is close to 4,000 residents.

Hiring a private investigator in Carefree AZ is possibly not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about life in Carefree. However, having a private detective at hand who can assist with research and perform professional background checks, could be more beneficial than you ever thought possible.

Background Checks

Carefree residents are often turning to financial planners and advisers to create their portfolios, make investments and set up their estate planning. Trusting someone with your most sensitive information is always connected with a risk. David Hutchings of TBL Investigator has over 22 years of experience working in law enforcement and can lend you a helping hand by performing your Carefree or Scottsdale AZ background checks. You should want to make sure that your financial adviser is who he or she claims to be, is financial and morally sound, and does not misrepresent himself in any way. Your future and the future of your family depends on it.

Missing Persons Investigations

Maybe you are looking for an old friend, or a lost family member. TBL can help Carefree residents reconnect with people who have vanished from their lives by conducting a missing person investigation. Long after local law enforcement has given up looking for the lost person, David Hutchings is still working on your case. When an adult goes missing, the police will only stay on the case for so long. Additionally, you may be looking for your birth parents, or are wrongfully accused of a crime and are seeking to track down the actual criminal, TBL uses all its resources in order to resolve your Carefree missing persons case.

Child Custody Investigations

Carefree child custody investigations are emotionally charged cases. Ideally, parents agree on child custody after their split-up and not put their children at the center of the fight. Further, TBL Investigator can assist you in determining if your former partner can provide your child with a safe and healthy environment and the financial resources to properly care for it. Child custody issues are manifold and David Hutchings makes sure that you have all the information you need to make your case for child custody stick. A separation is bad enough without fighting over the children, we can help to make things run a bit smoother for you, but most importantly the children involved.

Other services David Hutchings offers in Carefree are Due Diligence Investigations, Child Custody Investigations, Pre-Employment Screenings, Surveillance, Cyber Crime Investigations and many more.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to the people you trust with your most sensitive information and assets. Call TBL Investigator today to see how we can help!

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