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Chandler Private Investigator
Professional private investigators and investigation services in Chandler AZ by the experts at TBL Investigator.
Chandler, Arizona

Chandler is an important city, a suburb of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. It has experienced enormous growth over the last two decades which manifested itself through an influx of residents as well as big companies such as Intel and Microchip.

With the increase in population the need for a conscientious, hard working, and trustworthy private investigator in Chandler has also grown. TBL Investigator offers a wide array of services to Chandler and other East Valley residents. No matter if you are needing to look into somebody’s background in Scottsdale, be it that you are intending to employ said person or have other reasons, or whether you need someone you can task with tracking down a missing person in Gilbert. Your local Chandler Private Investigator is there to help you, and to provide you efficiently with the information you need and that you can trust.

TBL Investigator offers a multitude of services such as child custody disputes, cases of infidelity, computer crimes, surveillance, evidence gathering for trials, and many more.

Child Custody Disputes

With divorce rates on the rise, so are child custody disputes. If you are involved in a Chandler child custody case, the investigative team at TBL can assist you in gathering evidence to make your case in front of a judge or other deciding governing body. Evidence gathered may be used to determine if the child’s other parent can offer a safe and wholesome environment in which the child can thrive. It may also be pertinent in deciding child support payments and other child related issues. What it comes down to is that if you have a Chandler child custody on your hands, you need documentation and evidence that will hold up, and TBL can provide you with just that.

Computer Crimes

Today, the internet is faster, better and more accessible than ever. However, this also means it is easier than ever to steal from and compromise you online. If you have fallen prey to identity thieves or a cyber crime, David Hutchings can help to track down the culprit. Of course, we can also help with embezzlement and mail fraud cases. Should your system have a loophole, enabling hackers to extract data, we can assist you in repairing those gaps and keep your information safe and private. We understand that you depend on your computer, and now you can depend on us to detect and remove malware, while protecting your online presence and identity.

Evidence Gathering For Trials

In an ideal world, the police has all the pertinent evidence needed for your criminal trial. But in a world that is not always ideal, it generally pays to have a Chandler private investigator conduct an investigation and gather evidence for your trial. Further, we assure you that our evidence will hold up in court. We can interview witnesses, conduct surveillance investigations and assist you with trial preparations. We are even experience in testifying in court about our findings. TBL might not always turn up new evidence, but verifying the evidence on file gives you the peace of mind that nothing was missed and you did everything you could to make your case.

David Hutchings, the head of TBL Investigator has over 22 years experience in law enforcement including but not limited to narcotics, DEA task force, and hostage negotiations.

At TBL, we utilize state of the art technical equipment to get our customers the answers they are looking for. Hutchings is well familiar with goggles, night vision cameras and concealed recording devices.

Even if Chandler might be a (deceptively) peaceful community, your Chandler Private Investigator can provide invaluable services to you, if you are in the middle of a trial, a divorce or a custody disagreement. Hutchings collects evidence that holds up in court, in front of a judge. Don’t get caught unaware of what is going on with the people around you. TBL Investigator can shed light on issues that concern you.

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