Child Custody Investigations

Cild Custody Investigators at TBL Investigator in Tempe, Arizona

Child Custody Investigations
Learn about TBL Investigator’s child custody investigation services in Arizona.

In a perfect world, you would be able to resolve your divorce or breakup amicably. You would be able to sit down and have a reasonable conversation about how to divide custody of your children and the discussion would focus on what was in the best interest of the children.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most split-ups are quite acrimonious and many parents try to use their children as leverage in the dispute. Some may kidnap their own children and flee the state. Some may fight for custody even though they are not in a position to provide a safe or healthy environment for the children. Some may fight for custody in a bid to avoid paying child support. No matter why the custody suit ensues, you need proof and hard evidence that holds up in court to make your case.

Hiring an experienced private detective agency can help you fight these cases to reach a resolution that is right for your family and protects your children from the repercussions of a drawn-out court custody battle. TBL Investigator was founded by David Hutchings, a man and father with more than two decades of experience in all facets of law enforcement. Something as important as child custody, you cannot leave to chance.

TBL Investigator is able to help with all kinds of child custody investigations. We can uncover the information you need to make your case for child support. We can help you track down clues in the case of a kidnapping. We can also investigate your former partner’s environment to provide information about the health and safety of it for your children.

We serve clients in Scottsdale, Arizona and around the entire Valley. Contact our Private Investigators today to find out how we may be able to help you get the information you need for your child custody case.

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