Civil and Criminal Investigations

Civil and Criminal Investigation services provided by private eyes in North Phoenix, AZ

Civil and Criminal Investigations
Learn about our civil and criminal investigation services at TBL Investigator.

To improve your chances of getting the best possible outcome for your case, you need to conduct your own investigation to verify facts and discover new evidence. You can assign members of your trial team to do it, but that can take up a significant amount of time and resources that can be better spent on putting your case together. Hiring someone else to conduct the investigation and do the due diligence trial preparation for you can free up those resources.

TBL Investigator can conduct AZ civil and criminal investigations. Our team can do the trial prep for you, helping you to interview witnesses and collect the evidence and documentation that you need.

Principal investigator David Hutchings has 22 years of law enforcement, including time spent as a detective working on many different types of cases and companies due diligence investigations. He has the experience to get the information you need to strengthen your case. David is also available to provide expert testimony in court proceedings, lending more credibility to your case.

In addition to investigations for court proceedings, TBL Investigator can also provide protection details for victims, witnesses and their families who are involved in these cases and potentially in harms way. Ensuring a victim and their family is safe, informed and secure helps them greatly in enduring a process that can be painful and confusing.  Keeping a witness safe before and during trial ensures that they will provide the testimony you need at trial and make them more confident to participate.

TBL Investigator has the extensive experience and training that you need to make your trial preparation and court proceedings go more smoothly. We can work with your team or conduct civil investigations or criminal investigations on our own. When you need a private eye in the areas of Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, or around the Valley, TBL Investigator is the place to call. Learn how David Hutchings and his team can help you get the information you need at trial.

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