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computer crime investigation services by TBL Investigator in Scottsdale, AZThe Internet has revolutionized the way we do just about everything. It has made it easier for us to research the information we need. We can buy anything we can dream up with the click of a button. We can pay all our bills right from our phones simply by taping the screen. Of course, we can also stay in touch with the people we love more easily.

However, at the same time that the Internet has made it easier for us, it has also made it easier for others to steal from us. Thieves can steal your credit card information, your bank account number, your passwords, your social security number and other sensitive data that allows them to take your money or assume your identity. Phishing emails, drive by-downloads, using open WI-FI, and by-passing passwords are only a few tactics hackers use to attack your network and steal important information from you.

TBL Investigator conducts computer crime investigations in Tempe and the surrounding area to help track down identity thieves and cyber criminals. Our expert team can help you investigate cases of identity theft, embezzlement, mail fraud, the sale of stolen goods through ebay and other online retailers, and other online crimes. We can examine hard drives and cell phones for evidence. We can also find the loopholes used by hackers to get data and repair them, as well as discover viruses and malware and remove them or repair the damage they have caused.

David Hutchings is a private detective with over two decades of experience in law enforcement conducting criminal and civil investigations. His experience means that he can get results.

The more dependent we are on our computers and the Internet, the more computer crimes will increase. The TBL Investigator team can help catch those cyber criminals and gain the evidence needed to pursue criminal charges. Call us today to find out how we may be able to help you with your computer crime investigations in the Scottsdale or the entire Valley.

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