Different Types of Computer Crime in Cave Creek

Different Types of Cyber Crime in Cave Creek

Different Types of Cyber Crimes in Cave Creek

Read this important information on the different types of cyber crimes and how to stay safe
Cave Creek, Arizona

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be the victim of computer crime. Whether you own a high-profile business or you are just an average Joe, and whether you live in Arizona or a major metropolitan area like Los Angeles, you can be the target of cyber criminals.

Understanding the different types of computer crime can help you learn how to defend yourself against these threats. If you do find yourself the victim of computer crime, you can work with a private detective to discover the culprit or compile evidence against them.
Here are a few of the most common types of computer crime that happen in Cave Creek:

Malware and Spam

You are probably the most familiar with malware and spam, though you may think of them as nuisances and not crimes. The truth is that they are.

Malware is more clearly a crime. It is malicious software that includes Trojans, worms, and bots that spread viruses to steal information, install programs on your computer, or spread advertising messages. This is where spam becomes illegal. Simply sending an ad is not a crime, but using bots and other malicious software to send the message is.

You can protect yourself against malware and spam by installing good anti-virus protection, only visiting websites you know to be safe, and never clicking on any suspicious links or downloading any software that you don’t know for certain is safe.


Hacking involves a person breaking into your computer to steal your personal information or files. Malware may be employed for this purpose, or the hacker may find a way to breach your firewall and access your computer directly.

Hackers can steal things like passwords or credit numbers, or they can steal things like photos. High-profile cases include hackers stealing the nude photos of celebrities from their computers and phones. Hackers also frequently target credit card companies and financial institutions to steal money.

Identity Theft

Some hackers use the personal information they steal to take on your identity. They take your social security number and other personal details to pretend to be you. They can then open up lines of credit in your name.

Creating strong passwords and practicing good web behavior can help keep your personal details safe.


You don’t have to be a programming genius to use your computer to steal. The most common theft involving computers is downloading music and movies illegally. Games, software and books are also downloaded illegally.


We have likely all used Facebook to find out what an ex is doing or Googled a new love interest to gain a little more information. However, true cyberstalking involves online harassment. One person uses the Internet to send harassing or threatening emails and messages on social media. The person might also make posts on social media or blogs that harass or disparage the other person.

Cyberstalking often leads to offline stalking, as well. It can be a dangerous crime that needs to be addressed with the police.

Child Pornography

The Internet has, unfortunately, made it easier for child pornographers to connect with each other and distribute their materials. It has also given predators another way to target children. Some predators pose as peers to gain the trust of children and youth, which they use to lure the children to another location.

You can protect your children from online predators by monitoring their Internet activity and talking with them about Internet safety, such as by not talking to strangers.

While online technology has made our lives better in many ways, it has also made us vulnerable to many new threats. If you have become the victim of one of these crimes , you can work with a private detective in Cave Creek . Our team can conduct a forensic investigation that will provide evidence for a criminal or civil trial. We can work in conjunction with law enforcement to help you get the justice you deserve and perhaps to get back things that were stolen from you, such as files. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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