6 Techniques for Locating Persons for Service

Finding the people to serve papers upon can be the most challenging part of a legal case, whether it’s a simple divorce or a complex lawsuit. If people know that they are going to be served – and they usually have some clue that this is coming – they can try to avoid you. Others might be hard to track down because they don’t have published contact information or because they move around a lot, never holding the same job or living in the same place for very long.

6 Techniques for Locating Persons for Service

Working with the right Phoenix process server or private investigator in Arizona can help you find the people you need fast. Here are six ways that they might use to locate people for service (or that you can use yourself):


Google isn’t the search giant for nothing. It can help you locate just about any information that can be found online. You can find a lot of information about a person, including a photo of them, a city where they might be living, and possibly even an address or phone number. You may also be able to find a place of work (or at least what kind of work they do), friends, family members, or extracurricular activities like clubs or associations that they belong to.

Make sure you Google the person’s name, maiden name, nickname, and any other known aliases. You should Google variations on the name also, such as Chuck and Charlie for Charles. Try Googling the phone number also, if you know it.

Search Social Media

These days, people seem to put everything about their lives on social media, and that is a boon for Scottsdale process servers. You can find out things like the city that people live in, what school they attend, where they work, and who their friends are by checking their social media. If they are using location tagging, you can even find out where they are right now, like what restaurant they are eating at or where they are seeing a movie.

Search all social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Also search the profiles of any known family members or friends for information.

Check the County Assessor Website

If you know what county the person lives in, you can check out the Maricopa county assessor website for information. You may find if the person has any collections or outstanding bills for taxes or city services. You may also be able to find information on property taxes, vehicle taxes, or other public information.

Most counties offer this information online, and some cities do, too. Check the websites to see what information may be available.

Check Other Public Records

reach out to friends familyMany other public records are available online. Some examples include marriage certificates, divorce decrees, real estate purchases, death certificates, birth announcements, and more. You can use these records to find a current address, to discover family members who may have information, or to track a person’s movements.

Check city, county, and state websites for any public information that might be available. Search all known names, including maiden and married names.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

If you know any of the family members of the friends you are trying to find, it is worth tracking them down and seeing if they have information about where to find the person. Use all the same methods to find out where the family and friends live or where they might be now, and then approach them in person if possible. Sending a letter or making a call gives them chance to warn the person, which can make it harder to serve the papers.

Hire a Licensed Private Investigator

A good private investigator has a tried and true process for locating people and has access to more resources than the average person. For example, a private investigator can search records through the Division of Motor Vehicles, finding addresses where vehicles are registered or that are listed on licenses. A private investigator can also look at private databases that show past and current addresses, the names of known family members, and other information that can help them locate people.

private investigator in phoenixPrivate investigators have many other options for finding people, and they can get results quick. The investigator can get that information to the process server insuring fast and reliable service of process.

Whether you try to find the person yourself or you hire a private investigator to do it, it is important that you have accurate information to locate people quickly. Otherwise, the process server won’t be able to do the needed job, which will slow down the legal process.

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