The Importance of Cave Creek Social Media in Private Investigative Background Checks

The Importance of Cave Creek Social Media in Private Investigative Background Checks

The Importance of Cave Creek Social Media in Private Investigative Background Checks

Here are some ways how your private investigator is using the information found on social media to make a case.
Cave Creek, Arizona

Now that almost everybody makes their private information readily available by posting to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others it is no surprise that people are using it to look into people’s interests and backgrounds.

While almost everyone can be found by anybody on social media sites, it takes an expert to make use of the full potential that social media offers in terms of background investigations and as a source of information.

Today, social media is often used in criminal cases as well as employee investigations and a Cave Creek private investigator can be of tremendous value in figuring out exactly who you are dealing with. Of course, some critics are under the impression that everybody can find pertinent information on social media and you don’t need to hire somebody to do that, but the truth is that these kind of social media background checks are complex and extremely time consuming.

Here are some ways how your private investigator is using the information found on social media to make a case:

Times Have Changed:

Two decades ago almost everyone had a land line and an address that was published in the local phone book. Private investigations focused on surveillance and that required a lot of leg work. Today, fewer people are using landlines and have switched almost exclusively to smartphones with mobile data plans. And really who owns an actual phone book anymore?

Instead of tracking people down via their address, the new generation of private detectives is tracking them digitally. And why not? Information shared on social media platforms is highly informative and fair game. There are a multitude of cases where social media information can and will be used to dismantle dishonesty and fraudulent claims.

Background Checks:

No matter if you are looking into the background of your nanny, or if you are looking to add a new employee to your business, social media offers a wealth of information on the person you are looking to learn more about.

While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are among the most popular social media sites, there are virtually hundreds of them out there. Even if someone locks down their security, a trained private investigator will find something of and on you.

For a future employer this could mean that he is able to verify the identity of an applicant with a professional pre-employment screening, and verify his employment and education history. Considering that about 75% of job seekers are untruthful on their resume, it is understandable why you would want to check them out before even meeting with them.

Insurance Fraud:

Has your employee been hurt on the job? Your local investigator can use social media to confirm or discredit the claim. If your worker is on leave because of a broken leg, but posts pictures of him playing football on Facebook, your case is pretty clear-cut.

Maybe you even discover that your employee has taken time off to work for a different employer at times while tweeting about his latest work projects? It is surprising how careless and stupid people can be with the information they put on their social media for all the world to see.

Jury Selection:

Asking jurors questions about affiliation and believes is all fine and good, but who is to say they are not lying. A private eye working for either defense or prosecution can look into their social media background and confirm or deny the validity of their claim. Maybe they claim to be opposed to gun possession, but their Instagram features images of them hunting. There is a huge variety of claims by jurors that can be verified via their social media exposure.

Infidelity Cases:

If you suspect that your significant others is up to no good, your PI has new avenues he or she can pursue (aside from the traditional surveillance investigation) to uncovering of profiles on several online dating sites. The more options the internet is giving us to expose ourselves, the more likely we are to do it.

Other cases social media investigative techniques are used include criminal, civil lawsuits, intellectual property thefts and more.

Many are wondering why the need for a private investigator when all this information is only a keystroke away. The problem is that not everyone is aware of the legal implications of collecting data on the internet. A trained detective knows how to obtain information and stay within the legal framework and how to ensure that it is admissible in court or the setting the information is collected for.

Some techniques your Cave Creek private investigator may use to find people on the internet include Facebook searches, family members, and google image search.

Google image search allows you to do a reverse search on any picture that is on the internet and it will turn up every site the picture is on. Hire a Cave Creek Investigator for social media investigationsBecause most people are too lazy to be bothered with putting different pictures on different social media profiles, they oftentimes use one for all, which makes them exceedingly easy to locate. What this means for you is that you spouse, partner or employer will eventually learn about your online dating life or your membership in an online porn forum. This reverse photo search also makes it possible to find profiles under assumed or locked names.

If we cannot find you on social media, chances are we will find your family members and/or friends, which sooner or later will lead to you.

While most of us who are looking for someone on Facebook are typing in the name in the search box, investigators have become creative in varying their ways of searching and use combinations of Friends of people named “”,Photos of people named “”, and people who have visited “place name” to narrow down the field of possible subjects.

While social media is a great way to gather information, it may not be such a great way for those who are seeking privacy. The best advice I can give anyone is to not put anything out there that you wouldn’t want your boss or mother to see.

Social media information is crucial for investigators, these days. And its role is ever-growing.

TBL Investigator has been providing quality investigative services to Cave Creek and surrounding areas for years. David Hutchings is a former law enforcement officer and lead investigator with TBL.

To learn more about social media investigations and our comprehensive private investigative services, contact us today.

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