Scottsdale Background Checks in the Digital Age

Scottsdale Arizona Private Background Checks in the Digital Age

Scottsdale Background Checks in the Digital Age
Hiring a private detective to perform background investigations is the best way to get reliable, focused information!
Scottsdale, Arizona

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find any information about any person. You can find everything from someone’s baby pictures to how much they paid for their house this year. Yet the plethora of information has also made it difficult to find what you really need. You can get overwhelmed with all the information you find, not sure what is truly important to your search.

When you need to conduct background checks in Scottsdale, you can take advantage of one of hundreds of online services to get the information you need. Yet hiring a private detective to perform background investigations is the best way to get reliable, focused information. You’ll save yourself time and get detailed and pertinent information.


The most common reason that people need to conduct background checks is for pre-employment screening. Checking previous employment history is at the top of the list. In theory, this should be very simple. Potential employers should be able to call the candidate’s past employers, as listed on the resume, and double-check the dates listed there. However, many candidates will fudge their resumes to disguise a termination or a gap in their employment.
You can run an online search to find instances of previous employment not included on the candidate’s resume. A simple Google search is likely not enough to turn up this hidden employment, but a Scottsdale private detective has the experience and resources to find everything in your applicant’s employment history — verifying both what was provided and uncovering what wasn’t.

Criminal Background

Criminal background investigations in Scottsdale AZ can be trickier than they might seem. While criminal records are available online for the public to view, they are not always complete. For example, someone may strike a plea bargain that wipes their criminal record clean, but you may still want to know about the charge. Or a charge might no longer appear on the record because it is older, even though you may still want to know about it.

A private detective can perform more extensive background checks that reveal all criminal charges.

Credit History

You may need to run a credit history check for positions that require handling sensitive financial information. A simple credit report may not give you the full information you need. A private detective can uncover information about assets, debts, criminal financial charges like embezzlement, and even child custody or alimony arrangements. You can get a complete financial picture of the person you are considering hiring or making your business partner.


Identity can be harder to verify if you are dealing with identity fraud. Simply checking the social security number may not be enough as someone can steal another person’s identifying information. Fortunately, online databases make it a little easier for a private detective to uncover a person’s true identity. Everything from social media to former school records can be used to discover a person’s true identity.


Character is a subjective measurement, so you need as much information as possible to determine if a person’s character meets your standards for employment or another role. A private detective can find hidden social media accounts that can reveal a lot about a person’s character, as well as blogs, photos, affiliations, and more. Online resources can also be used to find character witnesses who can provide much more information about the person than can be found online.

The Internet is an infinite resource, and going to known sources may not provide you with the information you need for your background checks. Hiring a private detective is the best way to get results from your background investigations. TBL Investigator can help you with every kind of background check in Scottsdale, whether you are hiring someone or want to know more about a potential business partner. You can even conduct a background check on your fiance to ensure that you won’t be blindsided by anything after your marriage.

Call TBL Investigator today to conduct background investigations for your Scottsdale business.

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