When Is a Scottsdale Private Investigator Necessary?

When do I need to hire a Scottsdale private eye?

When Is a Scottsdale Private Investigator Necessary?
Here are just a few reasons why you might want to hire a Scottsdale private investigator!
Scottsdale, Arizona

You might think of a private investigator as an extravagance for the rich when they suspect their spouses of cheating. However, all kinds of people have many reasons to hire a private investigator in Scottsdale, even for routine transactions like hiring a nanny. People of all income levels can benefit from the services of a private detective in the right situations.

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to hire a Scottsdale private investigator:

Child Custody Cases

Divorce is rarely pleasant. After all, the relationship has to get to a pretty bad place before divorce is even on the table. By the time lawyers are called, things are pretty acrimonious.

It’s even worse when children are involved. Both parents likely want to have more custody of their children than the other wants to give. If the case has to go to court, each party will have to show proof of why they are a better choice to have custody of the children.

Hiring a private investigator can help these cases immensely. A Scottsdale child custody private detective can uncover information about your spouse that strengthens your case. For example, the detective might find evidence of a poor financial situation or of an unstable environment. The detective might uncover drug use, criminal activity and more.

Surveillance Investigations

Infidelity is a common reason that many people divorce. However, most people don’t just come out and admit that they have cheated. Instead, you may suspect it for months without having any tangible proof. Hiring a private detective for a Scottsdale surveillance investigation can help you get the evidence you need — or prove to you that you had no reason to worry.

Other reasons for surveillance investigations may be to get information about employee fraud or other criminal activity.

Pre-Employment Screening

Simply checking a candidate’s references is not enough to get the information you need about their education, work history, and character. Unfortunately, most people lie on their resume. You need to hire a private investigator to uncover what candidates don’t want you to find, such as criminal charges that were expunged from the record, jobs they were fired from and left off their resume, or financial problems.

The more prestigious the position — such as an executive or high-ranking manger — the more information you will need to vet candidates, and the more you will need the services of a private investigator.

Background Checks

You don’t have to be a corporation to have employees. You may want to hire a nanny or a maid and need to know that the person is trustworthy. A private investigator can get the information you need, ranging from verifying identity to uncovering criminal activity. Background investigations in Scottsdale AZ can be as extensive as you need, and they can provide far more information than you could get running an online criminal records or information search.

Criminal Investigations

A private investigator can be a good addition to your legal team, whether you are investigating a case or representing a client at trial. A private detective can discover new evidence, find and interview witnesses, and conduct trial preparation. You can create a stronger case and improve your chances of success in court. A private detective can even provide expert testimony in court.

TBL Investigator offers private investigator services in Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Lead investigator David Hutchings has more than two decades of experience, including time spent in law enforcement. He has worked on the SWAT team, as a hostage negotiator, a narcotics agent and a DEA task force agent. He and his team can get the results you need, whether you are trying to track down a former spouse who has skipped out on child custody or you want to vet a potential CEO for your company. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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