Mesa Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening services in Mesa, AZ, by TBL Investigators

Mesa Pre-Employment Screening
Affordable pre-employment screening services provided by the professional Mesa detectives at TBL Investigator.
Mesa, Arizona

Are you a business owner or work in HR in Mesa, AZ? Then you are well acquainted with issues surrounding the hiring process and how hard it is to find good employees on which you can depend and who are who they claim to be. A statistic which was published in 2011 revealed that 46% of applicants that underwent pre-employment screenings in Mesa made claims that did not coincide with what the screenings turned up. Almost 10% of background checks uncovered inconsistencies between screening results and previously provided information.

In light of this rather shocking data, it is no wonder that Scottsdale background checks for future employees have become standard practice for many Mesa business owners. However, the average business owner does not have access to the same kind of data banks as your professional Mesa private investigator has. TBL Investigator, headed by David Hutchings, is your source in preventing future loss incurred by negligent hiring practices. Our trained investigators know what to look for when conducting background checks for future employees. You might also consider a background check if you are in the market for a new financial advisor. Not everybody is who he claims to be. Sadly, in today’s society, fraud and misinformation has become profitable business tactics.

TBL Investigator can assist you in verifying past employments, checking financial records, driving and criminal records as well as address checks and verification of college degrees.

Mesa business owners need to know who they entrust their business and thus their financial well-being. Let your Mesa private employment investigator take the guesswork out of who your job applicant is.

We will conduct your pre-employment screening in accordance to regulations and in compliance with the law. For example, were you aware that third party background checks are covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act? You may not have, but David Hutchings of TBL Investigator does. Contact us today to let a professional handle the business of employee screening, and you can rest assured of having hired the right person.

We can also assist you in your Scottsdale Arizona pre-employment screenings.

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