Missing Persons Investigations

Missing Person Investigations with TBL Investigators in Cave Creek, Arizona

Missing Persons Investigations
The affordable private investigators at TBL Investigators can help you in your missing person investigations.

It can be terrifying when a loved one goes missing. You may become even more frightened and frustrated after you reach out to the local police and no leads turn up. As the hours and the days go by, you may become even more desperate for answers, knowing that every minute that passes by can spell the worst.

When someone is missing, time is of the essence. When the police has stopped looking due to time passed, the circumstances of the disappearance or any other reason, hiring your own private investigator in Avondale may be the only way of finding your missing loved one quickly or at all. David Hutchings has decades of experience in law enforcement and will use that experience to help you. He understands how time-sensitive missing persons cases are and can pursue the right avenues to get you results as fast as possible. A private investigator will often resume the missing persons investigation, where the police has stopped.

TBL Investigator can conduct missing persons investigations for civil and criminal matters. We can help you if a loved one has mysteriously gone missing or if you are trying to find someone in a criminal matter. For example, you may need to find a former spouse who is trying to evade responsibility for child support or alimony, or you may need to find someone who has vanished after being found liable for damages against you.

Whatever the case, TBL Investigator is ready to help you with your Scottsdale missing person investigation. We can work independently or in tandem with an ongoing police investigation. We serve clients in Scottsdale, Arizona and around the entire Valley. Call us today to find out how our team may be able to help you in tracking down a missing person. We work with individuals and legal professionals working on both civil and criminal cases.

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