North Phoenix Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Cases

In an ideal situation, you will never need to hire a North Phoenix private investigator to conduct a child custody investigation. However, child custody is an area of the law that is often fraught with emotional parties and bitter arguments on both sides. A properly conducted child custody investigation can help settle custodial issues as well as give peace of mind to parents. Divorce and separation is hard enough on adults, and it should not affect your children more than it has to.

Protecting Your Child

Child Custody Cases are not always geared towards settling divorce and custody issues, but also to keep the child safe. If there is any doubt at all about a parent’s fitness, a North Phoenix child custody investigation is necessary. Even the courts want to keep children safe from an abusive and neglectful parent. Maybe one parent even has substance addiction issues or is exceedingly violent. TBL Investigator can assist you in collecting evidence that will be admitted and hold up in court.

Investigation Methods

Your Cave Creek private investigator has several means and methods to accrue reliable information in child custody investigation cases. Through eye witness accounts, covert physical surveillance but also with state of the art surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras and microphones, the private detective can gather evidence needed to support claims in a child custody case. TBl Investigator David Hutchings knows surveillance and has the equipment at hand to successfully conduct them.

Hiring a Private Detective

For many clients who hire a private detective it is a new experience. When selecting a private investigator, especially in situations as sensitive as child custody, it is imperative to choose a private detective who can prove their experience, impeccable reputation, and client testimonies. Police are required to get court orders before utilizing GPS trackers. We can use this investigative tool in any type of situation without court permission. David Hutchings has extensive experience in law enforcement and has served the Phoenix Valley for years.

TBL Investigators

David Hutchings, lead investigator at TBL Investigator has a long list of accomplishments and qualifications to support his experience. While being employed with the police his positions held include detective, SWAT team member, patrol, narcotics detective and even hostage negotiator. Today, Hutchings makes use of his skill set by assisting North Phoenix residents with private investigations and Arizona background investigation cases. He knows that if you put your trust in a private investigator, you need someone who is qualified and can ensure that the job will be done right.

North Phoenix Arizona Child Custody Private Investigations by TBL