North Phoenix Criminal Investigations

Crime in North Phoenix

North Phoenix does not generally come to mind when you think of criminal activity in the greater Phoenix Metro area, but sadly crime happens everywhere, every day. What if a crime was committed against you or a family member and the police and other law enforcement agencies will not turn up any results. The only way to get to the bottom of what happened is to hire a Chandler private investigator with a strong background in police work. TBL Investigator can help.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement agencies are sadly not always able to solve a crime. Leads go cold, funding is cut, and they just do not see the benefit of continuing a certain investigation. This can affect a criminal investigation if someone has committed a crime against you, or maybe even a investigation that was wrongfully launched against you. No matter what the reason, it is often imperative that an investigation is brought to conclusion so that all involved parties experience closure.

Private Detective Services

Private detective services encompass many different areas of investigations. Criminal investigations are just one of several. A good North Phoenix private investigator will conduct investigations and collect evidence in a manner that is admissible in court, which of course, is very important when dealing with criminal charges and investigations. His years as police officer have qualified Hutchings to conduct those investigations and turn up reliable, admissible evidence.

Criminal Investigations

Most people do not realize how limited the time and resources are that the police spends on investigating and closing cases. However, this phenomenon makes it easier to understand why someone who has committed a crime against someone you know, or maybe even yourself, still goes free. It also serves as evidence, why you may have been wrongfully accused, maybe even convicted of a crime you did not commit. Your North Phoenix private investigator can assist you in closing cases, collecting compelling evidence, and giving you closure and justice.

David Hutchings, Arizona Private Detective

David Hutchings, top Phoenix AZ investigator with TBL Investigator, has over two decades of experience in law enforcement. Like many other private investigators, he too, is a retired law enforcement officer. During his years on the force he has occupied positions in patrol, SWAT, hostage negotiations, DEA, and narcotics. With a background this diverse, it is easy to see how hiring Hutchings would be beneficial for any North Phoenix resident looking for a private investigator. The team at TBL Investigator delivers professionalism paired with results.In case you are looking into hiring a private eye to conduct a North Phoenix criminal investigation, because law enforcement agencies have fallen short, David Hutchings and his team are North Phoenix’s top choice.

North Phoenix Private Criminal Investigations by TBL Investigator