North Phoenix Surveillance Investigations

Reasons to Invest into Surveillance

Surveillance for your home or commercial location in North Phoenix by TBL in AZOne of many good reasons to invest in surveillance investigations from a top North Phoenix private investigator is if you require answers that law enforcement agencies cannot give you. This may be the case if you suspect your partner or spouse of cheating, or if you suspect that an employee is stealing from you. Stalker cases are another example of when it pays to get a private eye involved who specializes in discreet and effective surveillance investigation. Any case that involves you suspecting someone of wrongdoing that may not warrant a police investigation, or maybe the police has seized investigating is perfect for hiring a private investigator to do the surveillance work.

Advantages of Private Detectives

Private detectives are much more flexible at how they conduct their investigations. Although, unlike TV makes us believe, they are not allowed to break the law, they can do certain things that regular police cannot or will not do. It is unlikely that police cares if your spouse is cheating or if the neighbor’s kids throw trash in your backyard on a frequent basis, but a private investigator will take any case, you pay him for. He is, in essence, your employee.

Protect Your Home

Property vandalism is one of the most prevalent crimes in the US. What if someone trashes your front yard every night, or throws rocks through your windows? Those acts of vandalism will end up costing you thousands of dollars. Your Phoenix surveillance investigation expert can either survey your property himself or advice you on equipment and techniques you may use yourself to catch the vandal. Surveillance gives peace of mind that the criminal is caught.

Protect Your Business

You run a business in North Phoenix, but have the sneaking suspicion that one of your employees is stealing from you. You probably will not want to accuse your employee without having sufficient proof or evidence confirming his or her transgressions. A private investigator can help you set up efficient and discreet surveillance. He can also help you protect your Arizona business by uncovering whether one of your workers falsely has filed a worker’s compensation claim through a quality Arizona background check investigation.

AZ Private Investigator

David Hutchings is one of Arizona’s top private investigators. Years of law enforcement training and experience have given him the tools and understanding needed to conduct efficient surveillance investigations that yield results. In addition, he is aware of the limitations of law enforcement and strives to stay on top of new advances in surveillance equipment and techniques, which results in discreet and result oriented surveillance investigations.