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Paradise Valley, Arizona

Paradise Valley is a very befitting name for the smallish Arizona community that finds its home in reach of Camelback and Mummy Mountain. In fact, residents themselves say “there is a reason we call this valley Paradise”. Not only its fantastic scenic location close to Scottsdale, but also its eight full service resorts make it a top tourist destination.

Paradise Valley surely has managed the jump from a formerly agrarian town to the modern, beautiful community it is today. Today, approximately 15,000 people call Paradise Valley home and new ones are moving here all the time. But the more people live in one place, the more problems arise, especially when they are people that come from all over the US .

Imagine you want to enter into business with a person you are not intimately familiar with, or would like to hire a nanny for your infant child, you would want to know for sure who exactly you are dealing with. Hiring a Paradise Valley Private Investigator might seem a bit extreme at first, but seeing that your entrust a stranger with the life of your child or with a big chunk of your fortune, it is imperative to conduct a background check.

No matter if you need a due diligence investigation for your new business partner or a background check on a caregiver for your elderly parents or nanny, TBL Investigator can help.

Civil & Criminal Investigations

If you want to make certain that your Paradise Valley Civil or Criminal Case ends with the best possible outcome, you cannot solely rely on the facts collected by police. Your private detective has the experience and the resources to uncover or verify evidence you need for your trial. And better even, they will hold up in court, if the need should arise. David Hutchings, who used to work in law enforcement, has the tools and the know-how to uncover the truth.

Background Checks

The reasons to hire a Paradise Valley Investigator to conduct a background check or due diligence investigation are plentiful. Maybe you hired a new nanny, cook, maid, nurse or any other person that has access to your home and your family, wouldn’t you want to know if they are trustworthy? How about your new employee? If he has been accused of stealing before, would you want to know? In today’s world it is essential that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

Surveillance Investigations

Do you feel as if your spouse is cheating? Or have a strange feeling about your employee’s latest injury? Or maybe you are even dealing with a creepy stalker. All these are reasons for a Paradise Valley Surveillance Investigation. David Hutchings and his team have the equipment and the experience to uncover discreetly, all the information that you need to proceed with your actions. There are many other types of surveillance investigations, we can do.

There are so many reasons why hiring a Paradise Valley private investigator is a great idea. You know that he indeed is working for you and that his resources will go as far as you want them to, unlike the police who has neither the resources nor the time for missing persons investigations, for example. If you need to find your Ex-Spouse who skipped town, or are looking for a childhood friend, TBL Investigator can find them for you.

Additionally we do Child Custody Investigations, Pre-Employment Screenings and more. Call us today to learn more about our investigative services. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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Paradise Valley
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