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Expert Child Custody Investigations by TBL in Scottsdale ArizonaIn a rather troubling study it has been found that Arizona has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, with Scottsdale included in the top 10 cities with the highest divorce rate. No one knows why this is happening, but it leaves a high number of children affected and increases the need for child custody investigations.

In Scottsdale the law requires a judge to make custody decisions based on the best interest of the child. The best interest of the child is usually for both parents to remain as involved as possible in their life, but what if it’s not appropriate for one of the parents to be deeply involved in the child’s life? You will have to prove that this is the case, so you may require the services of a Scottsdale private detective.

Sadly, some parents prevent a peaceful transition and may cause mental, emotional, or even physical damage to their children. In such a case Scottsdale child custody investigation is necessary. Some things that are taken into consideration in determining parental rights are evidence gathered in child custody investigations showing a parent to be abusive, violent, neglectful, or a substance abuser.

A private detective can use eye witnesses, surveillance equipment, concealed microphones and cameras and discrete physical surveillance to gather evidence to protect your child. An eyewitness recounting seeing a child neglected or a videotape showing incidents of child abuse are much more effective in court than simply your word against your ex’s. Likewise evidence collected showing a parent being violent or abusive with anyone, or any evidence of substance abuse can be brought to light, in order to protect your child from being exposed to these things.

David Hutchings is an Arizona private detective with an extensive background as a law enforcement agent whose services include child custody investigations in Scottsdale Arizona. If you have concerns for your child’s safety when they are in the care of your ex, TBL Investigators can provide evidence that will be admissible in court in order to help keep your child safe.

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