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Professional services for criminal investigations in Scottsdale ArizonaIf you live in Scottsdale Arizona you will be pleased to know that for a city of over 200,000, it has the lowest crime rate in the United States. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean there is no crime in Scottsdale. What would you do if a crime was committed against you or a family member and the police were unable to solve the case? Would you consider hiring a Scottsdale private detective?

More people than you realize find themselves in just such a situation. There is no justice and no closure. Hiring a private eye can bring just the extra effort needed in Scottsdale criminal investigations. Since a private investigator is working specifically for you they may be able to uncover clues missed during a police investigation.

On the other side of the coin, what if you or a loved one are falsely accused of a crime? It is the job of highly trained and experienced law enforcement officer to conduct criminal investigations. Although this training and experience makes them highly effective crime solvers, they are only human and capable of making a mistake.

If you find yourself the victim of mistaken criminal investigations, how can you prove your innocence when you’re up against experienced law enforcement officials? You can hire a private eye who is also highly experienced and trained in criminal investigations in Scottsdale Arizona. Many private eyes are retired law enforcement officers.

David Hutchings, the head of TBL Investigator, has 22 years of law enforcement experience under his belt. His law enforcement experience includes, detective, patrol officer, SWAT team member, narcotics detective, hostage negotiator and DEA agent. He has the experience required to uncover the facts. Whether you are seeking justice in an unsolved crime, or justice for someone falsely accused of a crime, TBL investigator can help, with cutting edge investigative technology, surveillance equipment, and the experience of a seasoned law enforcement officer.

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