Scottsdale Infidelity Investigations

By TBL Investigator

Scottsdale Infidelity Investigations by TBL

Professional Scottsdale Infidelity Investigations by TBL

To learn more about our infidelity investigations and the many other surveillance services we can provide to you, contact us today at 602-327-3058.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Infidelity is the biggest betrayal one can experience in a relationship. The realization that the person you have been trusting for months, years or even decades has betrayed your trust causes your entire world to collapse. And nothing really prepares you for the physical pain that this emotional event brings with it. The only thing worse than knowing, is not knowing, but suspecting it. Suspended between hope and knowing deep down that you are being cheated on will not only take a toll on your relationship, but your every day life, even your health. TBL Investigator understands all the implications of an infidelity case and how hard and emotionally upsetting it can be for our clients. We are committed to get you the answers you need to move on with your life, as fast as possible.

Approaching a private investigator for a Scottsdale Infidelity Investigation can be a hard first step to take. You may be embarrassed, still in denial, worried about what people may think and scared of what your investigator may uncover. We understand all these feelings and provide spousal surveillance that is discreet and thorough and most importantly, confidential. For your convenience, we offer an initial free phone consultation to ensure that you feel comfortable with our investigator. Sadly, when infidelity is suspected, a Scottsdale cheating investigation generally reveals that the client’s suspicions were accurate. Oftentimes, our clients have the sneaking suspicion, but need evidentiary confirmation to allow themselves to actually believe it. This is were the services of a private investigator can be invaluable. Rather than letting you dwell and wonder, we can provide the proof you need to confront your partner, spouse, fiance or girlfriend and take action.

Meet Our Private Investigator
David Hutchings

David Hutchings, lead investigator at TBL Investigator, has years of experience as a private detective. Prior to branching out on his own, he has a longtime member of the local law enforcement force, where he worked in many different capacities ranging from patrol, to detective, DEA agent and more. He has great insights and a keen understanding of the law and the way people act in certain situations. David understands how sensitive a Scottsdale infidelity investigation can be and him and his team adjust their course of action based on the wishes of our clients and the individual situation. With David and his team you are sure to obtain surveillance services that give you the results you need to move forward.

Spousal Surveillance
& Information Gathering

We provide a myriad of information gathering and surveillance services. From monitoring and evaluating social media use, email tracing, vehicle tracking, auditory monitoring, identification of the “other”, asset searches and whatever else the situation calls for. This information can provide our clients the certainty they were trying to obtain, but can also be used legally during divorce or child custody proceedings. Naturally, we are able to perform these services without your partner being aware of what’s going on. To ensure that we work efficiently and you don’t have to pay more than you need, we will determine the best course of action early on. Being prepared and knowing where to find the needed information is crucial.

We Keep All
Information Confidential

With TBL Investigator you will never have to worry about your identity being revealed or your case being discovered. We know how sensitive these cases are and we guarantee you full confidentiality from the initial consult to the final document provided. Initiating a spousal surveillance investigation is hard enough, and you need to be certain that you are working with a private investigator whom you can trust implicitly. Give us a call to find out, if we are a good fit for your needs. We will gladly provide some initial advice in a free, completely confidential consultation. And you never have to worry-your information is safe, even after your case is closed or if you choose someone else. You have enough to worry about, the protection of your information should not be one of them.

While infidelity investigations are among the most common investigations we conduct, they all come with their own unique set of challenges and we never lose sight of the client behind the case. We will give you the information and proof you need as fast as possible, so that you can stop wondering and start living again. If you are uncertain on where to start and what information to provides us with, simply give us a call and we will walk you through the process, step by step. It is essential that you understand what is going to happen and what we will do to get you the information you deserve. Hiring TBL Investigator for your cheating investigative needs is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do, but we can assure you that the relief of knowing will be worth it.


We Respect Your Privacy - All Consultations Are Confidential

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If you suspect that your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you, give us a call. You deserve the truth. Do not be ashamed or feel guilty, nothing that is happening is your fault. Our investigators will gather all information discreetly, properly and most of all within the boundaries of the law. Working with an experienced PI who is a former member of law enforcement guarantees that he has a keen sense of what is admissible and legal in regards to evidence gathering and even family law.

To learn more about our infidelity investigations and the many other surveillance services we can provide to you, contact us today at 602-327-3058.