Scottsdale Missing Person Investigations

Scottsdale Missing Person Investigations

Scottsdale Missing Person Investigations
At TBL Investigator, our expert investigation team can help you to find your missing husband, child, relative, or escaped criminal.
Scottsdale, Arizona

The circumstances that bring someone to require missing person investigations in Scottsdale are numerous and varied. Some of these circumstances include searching for a missing family member, a birth parent, a deadbeat dad, and witnesses to testify in legal matters or beneficiaries of a will.

There are thousands of people reported missing in Arizona each year. Many people falsely believe that there is a certain waiting period before a person can be reported as missing. This is untrue, and often unnecessarily delays missing person investigations by police or a private detective.

Each year over 100,000 people are reported missing. Sadly, over 80% of those missing are children. The longer a person is missing the more difficult it may become to locate them and the longer a child is missing the more dangerous circumstances they may be exposed to. A professional Scottsdale private detective will have the resources and experience to conduct missing person investigations that can often quickly locate that person.

Another misconception is that it’s a crime for a child to run away from home. Since a runaway child is missing voluntarily the police will generally not put as much effort into finding them as they would an abduction or unexplained disappearance. Private detectives know that terrible things happen to runaway children every day and will make it a priority to find them as quickly as possible.

The professional Scottsdale private detectives at TBL Investigator are absolutely discreet, so no one need ever know that you are searching for an individual, not even the missing person themselves. Each investigation is conducted with the utmost professionalism.TBL Investigator is led by David Hutchings, a Scottsdale private investigator with over 20 years law enforcement experience. TBL Investigator can work independently or in cooperation with police investigations, on both Scottsdale criminal and civil investigations.

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