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Pre-Employment Screening
TBL Investigator offers local Scottsdale businesses professional pre-employment screening services.
Scottsdale, Arizona

The key to employing well qualified and productive workers for your Scottsdale business is pre-employment screening services. Not only will pre-employment screening produce a higher quality workforce it can also assist in protecting you, the employer, from the consequences of negligent hiring. The services of a Scottsdale private investigator can be extremely helpful in pre-employment screening.

Should there ever be an issue with your hiring practices your pre-employment screening may come into question. You are expected to use reasonable care in determining which candidates are suitable for employment, such as having a Scottsdale background check performed to be certain they are a reliable person with no criminal record.

Electing to implement a Scottsdale pre-employment screening can head off numerous future problems such as theft, fraud, and embezzlement. These crimes are usually committed by employees within the company. Choosing pre-employment screening performed by a Scottsdale private investigator can protect your company against loss as well as preserve the reputation of your company.

Scottsdale private investigators have access to data banks that the average person does not. Professional pre-employment screening can provide facts and information about an applicant such as verifying past employment, credit and financial information, previous and current address, criminal record and driving record. This allows you to make a truly informed decision, thus lowering employee turnover, profit loss, and liability.

TBL Investigator can provide you with thorough pre-employment screening and background investigation so that you can feel that you know the person you are considering for employment, rather than knowing just what they choose to tell you. Verifying the information provided on the candidate’s application can protect you from numerous risks that could be completely preventable with a proper background check.


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