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Our professional team of Scottsdale Arizona private eyes!Scottsdale is a beautiful city that began with a population of just 2000 in the early 1950s and has now grown to a population of well over 200,000. In a city this size it can be difficult to keep track of people. It is extremely challenging to meet new people and even tougher to feel that you can trust them. These are areas where a Scottsdale private detective can be of service to you.

Looking into a person’s background may be difficult for the average citizen, but not for an experienced Scottsdale private investigator.

Likewise, for the average citizen, searching for a missing person in Scottsdale can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s where the services of a Scottsdale private detective come into play.

The services of an investigator can be invaluable in these situations as well as in Scottsdale custody disputes, cases of infidelity, Scottsdale criminal investigations, and business matters, such as decisions pertaining to investments or partnerships.

TBL Investigator provides a full spectrum of investigative and surveillance services. TBL Investigator is headed by David Hutchings, a Scottsdale private investigator with over 22 years of experience in law enforcement. He has experience in most areas of law-enforcement including detective, narcotics detective, DEA task force, SWAT team, and hostage negotiator. This kind of experience is extremely valuable to a private investigator.

TBL Investigator’s services make use of state of the art technology such as night vision cameras and goggles, and cleverly concealed audio recording equipment along with discrete physical surveillance. As a former law enforcement officer David Hutchings is highly experienced at operating covert investigative equipment, which can make a great deal of difference in obtaining evidence. TBL investigator will strive to provide the evidence you need in order to gain peace of mind.

He Really Helped Me Out!

“With David’s help I was able to gain full custody of my son!”

Five Star Reviews For David Hutchings

I’m So Thankful!

“Mr. Hutchings saved me from hiring a convict as my new manager.”

Five Star Reviews For David Hutchings

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