Arizona Investigation Services

Private Investigation services with the professionals at TBL in ScottsdaleThere are many different scenarios that warrant the involvement of a private detective. For one, a lot of evidence needed to make a case stick cannot be collected without expensive specialty equipment. Therefore, most people are not prepared to deal with finding a missing loved one or trying to uncover evidence against their spouse (or soon-to-be former spouse). When you are facing the worst of situations, it is important that you work with a private detective in Phoenix you need in such situations.

Because of his extensive work experience in law enforcement David Hutchings, lead investigator at TBL Investigator is also available to work with lawyers and other law-enforcement professionals, helping you to supplement your own research or to free up your team to focus on other aspects of your investigation. Naturally, all evidence gathered is admissible in court, while David Hutchings is familiar and able to testify in court on your behalf or to back up gathered evidence.

Our private detective services include:

We can conduct AZ private investigations for criminal or civil cases and all our work is conducted in full accordance with the law. For each case, we will discuss your needs and review your options to determine the best course of action for getting the information you need.

The team at TBL Investigator is led by David Hutchings, who has 22 years of experience as a law enforcement professional. He has worked on each of these kinds of cases in the past and he uses his extensive experience to enhance his work and technique as a private detective. While there can never be any guarantee of recovering the information you want, you stand a better chance of getting results when you work with the experienced professionals at TBL Investigator. Call us today to find out how we may be able to help you.

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