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Tempe, Arizona is a truly colorful city. Home to Arizona State University, the Sun Devils, the spring training camp of the Angels and Mill Avenue, there is always something to experience. People from all over the world have made Tempe their home and brought with them a wide variety of different cultures, cuisines and languages. But international companies favor Tempe as their corporate headquarters as well. US Airways and Chase Manhattan are only two among many who enjoy Tempe’s fantastic economic climate.

When so many different people, and businesses are in such a limited area as Tempe, legal issues automatically arise. Maybe a Tempe company wants to merge or acquire another and needs Tempe private eye to assist with the due diligence investigation. Or maybe you are looking for a long lost family member or need assistance in gathering evidence for a civil or criminal case. Those are issues that TBL Investigator can help you with. We offer top Tempe investigative services and even personal protection details. If you are looking for a trustworthy, thorough Tempe investigator, you need TBL!

Cyber Crime Investigations

Cyber crimes have been and continue to be on the rise. Even though they seem to be a silent crime, the effects can be horrendous. One only has to consider how many computers are used by students at ASU and it is easy to see why a private detective might conduct a Tempe cyber crime investigation. With the internet being faster, better, and more accessible, our electronic data continues to become more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Identity theft, idea theft, copying of confidential documents, cyber criminals can get their hands on virtually everything. Your Tempe investigator can assist you in finding the loophole, the criminal and implement safeguards that prevent that you will fall prey to a cyber crime again.

Background Investigations

If you are looking to hire a nanny for your child or maybe a caregiver for your elderly relative, it is imperative that you have a private investigator like David Hutchings conduct a Tempe background investigation. If you let someone in your home and entrust them the care of a loved one, you need to know who you are dealing with. The same holds true if you are hiring a new employee that will be entrusted with financial or sensitive information of your business and essentially your livelihood. Sadly, there is too many crooks out there that are out to pull one over on you. Hiring a Tempe private detective to conduct a background check ensures that you have all the information you need to decide on who to let into your life.

Surveillance Investigations

Even though a Tempe surveillance investigation might make you think of fast paced crime shows, the reality is far from it. Tempe residents hire TBL to conduct surveillance investigations for many reasons. Spousal infidelity, is still one of the top reasons, why a private detective is consulted. But maybe you are dealing with a stalker, an employee faking an on-the-job injury, or someone who is vandalizing your home or business. Each case constitutes a valid situation to resort to hiring a private eye to do some surveillance work or to assist you with selecting and installing a surveillance system. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of, and the team at TBL Investigator will make sure that you aren’t either.

With over two decades law enforcement experience, David Hutchings is the best choice when you are in need of Tempe Private Investigative Services. During his years on the police force he was a detective, a SWAT team member, a hostage negotiator, did patrol and much more. Today David draws from his experience on the force when conducting missing persons investigations, child custody investigations and evidence gathering for trials.

Hiring a Tempe private investigator such as David Hutchings at TBL Investigator means you are hiring someone you can trust with your safety and information. If you want an investigative job done right, you call TBL. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in protecting your interests and your safety.

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